Honey Trade - Brazil

Organic, raw & Pure honey, directly from Brazil.

Organic & raw and Pure honey, directly from Brazil.

Brazilian Honey

The world’s best honey!

In recent years, Brazil has grown increasingly in honey production, with awards in several categories!

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Custom packaging

Custom private labeling and outsourced packaging

Trade in packaged Brazilian honey with certified producers from Brazil.

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Trade in bulk

Trade in bulk Brazilian honey for different countries

We have more than 10,000 honey suppliers and producers already registered.

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Certified Partners

The best curation of special honeys in the world

More than 100 varieties of honey, including flowers and species of stingless bees

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Honey international trade - brazilian honey exports - Pricing

Iraê Exports | Regional Honey from Brazil

Pure Honey International trade – Raw & Original


Customized models for your moment.

Our team will help you manage your growth in a gradual way that fits within your budget.

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IRAÊ is Our Brand! What’s yours?

 YOUR Honey BRAND is what we do. We industrialize your production to scale your commercial capacity. Contact our new business department!


mel.com.br is the home of honey in Brazil

We are a portal designed by beekeepers, to meet all the demands of our national honey market.

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More than 10,000 registered beekeepers

Our Beekepers Map APP is a platform that makes life easier for anyone who wants to find a honey producer in the nearest city!

Brazilian Beekepers APP with more than 10.000 users

Brazilian Honey Store

At “THE HONEY STORE”, pure, raw and organic honey, with a certificate of origin from your own warehouse accredited by the Ministry of Agriculture (SIF 5250) for organic and raw honey!

The Honey Store – Brazil

Certified Honey Industry

We are a Honey Industry made up of original beekeepers, we think about the quality of the honey above all else. We serve everything from the smallest beekeeper to the largest companies, always with the same care and attention that the customer truly deserves!

Organic, Pure and Raw Honey Industry – Brazil


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Original from BRAZIL!

ALL OF THIS is for you!

The HONEY/MEL portal was designed to help you explore the wonders of the world of beekeeping. If you have any questions, you can get in touch!

Quality First

S.I.F certified warehouse

Discover our honey services for the biggest honey traders.


All in one company

From production, certificates, commercial procedures to the final consumer.


Pure honey, straight from Brazil

From the Amazon forests to brazilian savana. Quality honey for demanding markets.


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If it’s good for the hive, it’s EVEN BETTER for the bees!

It is urgent for everyone to come together to preserve bees, especially HONEY producers. We only make a difference through the strength of the hive. After all, alone we are few, but united we are many!

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